The Coxa Story

The idea to create a backpack that neither limits nor creates any deteriorating damage was born in 1968 when Claes Bergkvist, who at the time was a young scout on a hike, suffered severe chafing with tired shoulders, due to his ill-fitting backpack.

The solution to the challenge at hand finally appeared during a mountain hike in Italy in 2008. Claes bought a sewing machine and the first prototypes were developed in a basement, to later be developed into its final form, a carrying system that shifts all the weight from shoulders to the hips and allows for full movability without any unnecessary chafing or pressure.

In 2012 the carrying system was patented and Coxa Carry AB was created, with the ambition to develop a world class backpack.

With a clear goal, Coxa early on initiated collaborations with thoroughly selected partners such as, AB Germa known for their G-costumes developed for JAS 39 Gripen, Duraflex and the industrial designer Jonas Blanking, known for his award-winning design of the Boblbee backpack.

Coxa has today a full range of backpack products, both with included hydration bladders and a range of accessories with a clear aim to improve the comfort and performance of the user of our products. We develop our products together with world class athletes, engaging the individual athlete or the whole team at early stages with prototypes. After this process, we redefine the proposals of the improvements and then we redesign and test again until everyone are satisfied with the final result. Now we know that we have a world class product to offer the market.

The Coxa Carry company is managed by a management team and a board with wide experience from startup innovation companies and from the consumer product category. We have a dedicated team around us which are being a part of the Coxa community. All of us has experienced the wow moment when the Coxa is put on the back and the feeling of weightlessness is there. You just can´t believe the feeling – the feeling of freedom.

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What is unique about Coxa Carry?

We always design and develop our range with the aim to offer the best products that are on the market today, tomorrow and into the future.

Our backpacks have a patented carrying system, which allows the user to feel total freedom in the upper part of the body, no weight on the

shoulders or back and increased mobility, with less risk of chafing.

The design of the backpacks allows the weight to be balanced on the hips, which gives the user comfort and a sense of weightlessness.

We have removed the buckles to increase comfort, but also for safety reasons, in case of a fall or an accident. Additionally, all backpacks

and selected waist belts come with a USB charged LED lamp, for increased visibility and safety.

When we design a new product, the team discusses the product with a clear “Why?”. Then our designers draw sketches, the sewing machine starts its work and we begin the process.

Once we are happy with the prototype, we give it to our athletes. It’s then time for them to put each and every one of our products to the test and get back to us with feedback and insight.

We keep evolving the product until we have a final sample that everybody on the team is happy with. Then we can be confident we are offering the market a truly great product.

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