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At Dynamic Gym, our Company believe a Healthy Lifestyle is about self-discpline while training & improving your body and mind. It's about learning about yourself, your behaviour, your eating habits, what training programs work for your body because it is a whole life-changing experience. And this life-changing experience will take you further out there in the World, experience new adventures, explore to unknown places, and be a better version of yourself.

We cater to all types of people in life, whether you just started working out and still learning about fitness or if you're a professional athlete, our Gym gladly welcomes you. Our trainers are highly trained and experience to help you set goals, teach proper form to prevent injury, and design training programs that include basic barbell exercises, olympic lifts, stretches, and a long list of bodyweight movements.

Do you want to have a personalized training? Advise on healthy eating habits? And more questions about fitness or Gym Equipment? Our trainer can provide you that help and support that you sorely need. Our Dynamic Gym is more than just a large facility with Gym Equipment inside, if you need something of a a graceful workout that's both relaxing and still makes you sweat a little, Gym Members are able to join our Yoga classes that is available at our Dynamic Studio, which is above our Dynamic Gym & Cafe.

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We've got multiple programs and classes to help you meet your goals. Get ready to improve your life.

Goal-oriented PT

Everyone has different goals, coming from different fitness levels, ages and places. We believe in helping members reach their potential and objectives, whatever it may be. We will help push you to your limits and beyond, motivate you every step of the way and realise your goals.

Dynamic Gym One-day Pass Grants multiple-entries to our fitness facility on day of purchased. $20 Gym Membership Membership at Dynamic Gym grants members full access to our fitness facility and Yoga classes. 1 Month Membership $120 5% OFF Retail, 10% OFF Cafe, 50% OFF Yoga Class (Walk-in Fee) 3 Month Membership $300 5% OFF Retail, 10% OFF Cafe, 50% OFF Yoga Class (Walk-in Fee) 6 Month Membership $480 5% OFF Retail, 10% OFF Cafe, 50% OFF Yoga Class (Walk-in Fee) Terms & Conditions Fees for Monthly membership must be paid in full prior usage or beginning of terms. Membership cannot be shared or transferred to other individuals. PERSONAL TRAINER $50 for one Gym PT Session $300 for 10 Gym PT Sessions Terms & Conditions Fees for 10 Gym PT Session must be paid full