Pre-Excite 8 PS - 1014A247-400

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Product Details

The GEL-EXCITE™ 8 PS (Pre-School) shoe provides high-quality cushioning for various activities. It's an energized model that's designed to inspire kids to move body and mind. This shoe offers high-quality breathability with fewer layers on the upper to reduce irritation in the forefoot. Meanwhile, the ASICS Stripes on the sides are also rendered with a rainbow overlay for an eye-catching look. It also features a whale design on the heel that helps kids recognize the right shoe from the left. Lastly, the E.V.A midsole foam offers good underfoot comfort and an energetic step.

Pronation = Neutral

Tech & Materials

-Mesh Upper Provides excellent comfort and breathability. -Injection E.V.A cushioning -Solid rubber outsole and toe stitching improve durability