Medi Intelligent Neck & Shoulder Pulse Massager With Heat Effect - White

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•Please do not use it in environment with excessive humidity or dust to avoid failure;

•Please do not use it in the environment with temperature higher than 40'C, or less than -10'C;

•Please do not put it near the electric heater, stove or direct sunlight, water;

•If you want to move the electrode or put to other person's body, please be sure to cut off the power, or you may receive strong electric shock.

•Do not use when driving the car, otherwise it may cause physical discomfort and even accidents due to excessive stimulation.

•During massage, please do not let the metal part of the belt, necklace and other items contact the electrode pads, otherwise it may receive strong electric shock.

•The electrode pads has the function of surface heating. Users who are sensitive to heat or are prone to heat allergy should consult doctor before use.

•Stop using if you feel uncomfortable during or after use, and consult the doctor.

•When using the product, the electrode should be tightly attached to the skin and contacted evenly.

•The product is recommended for only one user. Please clean the electrode if you still want to share to other person.

•Do not use with implantable medical electronic devices such as heart pacemaker.

•Do not use with life sustaining medical electronic devices such as artificial heart & lung.

•Do not use with medical electronic equipments such as electrocardiograph.


•Tidy up the hair and clothes on the neck, otherwise it will affect your comfort and product effectiveness.

•When massaging other parts of the body with electrode pads, please paste two electrode pieces directly on the skin at the same time.

•When need to adjust the massage part and electrode pads position, please turn off the instrument, then start to operate again after the adjustment.

The Airfit Medi Intelligent Neck & Shoulder Pulse Massager With Heat Effect comes with a 10-15 mins auto off safety feature.


•Connect the electrode pads to the Electrode Output Interface of the main unit of massager.

•Note: Place the electrode pads on body before you turn on the unit as holding on to electrode pads can cause shock.

•Paste the electrode on desired muscle spot of your body that needs relieve.

•When electrode pads are in use, main massage unit will not work.

•Electrode pads needs to be changed from time to time as they lose sensitivity.