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Massage Ball

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The Kettler massage balls are featured with stimulating knobs. Therefore they are the perfect equipment for relieving tension and improving blood circulation e.g. after long periods of sitting or after sporting activities. Furthermore the balls can be utilized for sensitising and mobilising exercises as they are used in rehabilitation.

Two balls with different sizes are included. The grey-colored ball has a diameter of 7.5 cm and the burgundy-colored ball has a diameter of 9 cm.

  • High quality massage balls have spiky surface that helps in relieving tight muscles, especially those around the neck, back or shoulders.
  • Often used in hands, under feet or on the spine and under the buttocks.
  • As well as relieving muscle tightness, they help relax the user and can help to release toxins and improve circulation.
  • The balls are supplied as a pack of two units and are different sizes to enable the user to target specific body areas and muscles as well as those being harder to reach and requiring a smaller ball.
  • The smaller massage ball is Grey and 7.5cm in diameter.
  • The larger massage ball is Burgundy and 9cm in diameter.