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Ultralight No Show Socks

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Product Details

Ultra-light and “invisible”: All athletes who care about true quality will appreciate these features of the Ultralight No Show Socks. The ultra-light medi compression fabric, the anatomical foot design, the minimally padded, yet effective heel, the stay-put fit and the perfect thermal balance for your feet even on hot days make the Ultralight No Show Socks – and your performance – unbeatable.

  • Ultra-thin, lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Ultra-light material with a perfect fit for unmatched wearing comfort and blister-free running
  • Targeted medi compression for more foot power

Suitable for:

Cyclist, Endurance Athletes, Fitness, Runner, Team sports, Triathletes, Athlete


75 % polyamide, 13 % spandex, 12 % polypropylene.