This is a step-by-step instructional guide on how to do Bank/Funds Transfer.

Before payment, please make sure that you contact us first! (Our WhatsApp Number: +673 733 5522) for proper procedures & confirmation and that your orders are ready or still available at our store. Furthermore, it is advisable to do the Bank Transfer using the designated Online Banking Application/Browsers provided.

Bank Transfer Processes:-

  1. In the Online Banking - Mobile App, select the correct type of Fund Transfer(Either "Within the Bank" or "To Another Local Bank").

  2. Once selected the appropriate Fund Transfer, you have to fill-in the correct information.
    Below an example of a Baiduri Mobile App - Fund Transfer to other local banks

    Example (Baiduri - Digital Personal Mobile App):
    Beneficiary Name: Dynamic Sports.
    Beneficiary Display Name: Dynamic Sports.
    Beneficiary Bank: Select the correct local bank.
    Beneficiary Bank Branch: If there's an option.
    Beneficiary Address: Dynamic Sports Address (Information provided on our Website's Contact us).
    Beneficiary Account Number*Note2: Provided in the receipt.
    Amount*Note3: Enter the correct amount.
    Payment Description: Purchasing of products and Delivery fee.
    And Select "Pay Now".

  3. Once successful you would have to proceed by message us through our Whatsapp! +673 733 5522

    Please provide the necessary details such as Order Reference Number, Proof of Payment(Screenshots)*Note4 and Confirmation of Address

  4. Then we would email you or contact through your whatsapp that payment has been confirmed on our side and proceed with the order's deliveries accordingly to the Customer's Address.

*Note 1: When selecting this type of Payment Method, it is recommend to understand the terms & conditions of BIBD and Baiduri Bank.
*Note 2: Please make sure it is the correct valid amount
*Note 3: Please make sure it is the correct Account Number (Provided in the RECEIPT)
*Note 4: It is recommended to take screenshots of a successful transaction/transfer for evidence and reference.