As part of the roadmap to living with COVID and to follow all MoH Government and public health advice, from November 19th, 2021* only fully vaccinated(Both vaccination doses) staff, students and visitors will be able to enter our facilities. Please make sure you have received both doses by this date and have received your fully stamped vaccination passport.

NOTE: *On your first visit to DynamicGYM from the November 19th, 2021, our staff need to sight your current vaccination passport or BruHealth Code page(BruHealth App) and will make a note of your immunisation status on your membership file for future reference. Members will not be able to enter DynamicGYM without double vaccination.

Vaccination verification

  • Current Members must scan our GYM's BruHealth QR Code
  • Current Members need to take screenshot of their BruHealth Code page
  • Please make sure, you have received both Vaccination and it is stated in your BruHealth App.
  • Please also make sure that your BruHeatlh Code is Green or Yellow (Code RED are not allowed in).

Example of scanning of BruHealth Permises - QR Code.

Example of a BruHealth Code page - Code Green.