Metaspeed Edge W - 1012B258-650

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Product Details

The Metaspeed Edge is modern racing shoe, developed for runners who quicken their cadence to increase speed. This fast racing flat runs best at full pace and is best suited to competitive runners. The FlyteFoam Turbo midsole has a high compression rebound and after being compressed, the midsole rate of return is quick, meaning it can convert from being a shock disperser to a spring to propel you forward with each stride. FF Turbo is light, bouncy and provides a really responsive and direct transition from landing to toe-off. Built into the midsole is a full-length carbon fibre plate. The stiffness of the plate gives extra forward momentum, combined with the slightly lower stack height compared to the Metaspeed Sky, achieves perfect bounce and balance. Between the bouncy midsole foam, firm carbon plate and curved, rocker design – it’s hard not to be propelled forward by this shoe. The Metaspeed Sky is a racing shoe and is designed for a snug fit.

Pronation is part of the natural movement of the human body and refers to the way your foot rolls inward for impact distribution upon landing. Understanding your pronation type can help you find a comfortable running shoe. The METASPEED EDGE is made for Neutral.

Pronation = Neutral

Product Features

Asics Grip Outsole Gives outstanding traction and is designed to have full contact with the ground. Engineered Mesh A technical mesh material that stretches in multiple directions, creating a glove, snug like fit that provides a unique balance of comfort and fit.