COXA Hydration bladder straight valve-2 liter - Blue


Hydration bladder straight valve-2 liter - Blue

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Product Details

Tailored to work in conjunction with Coxa Carry backpacks, the bladder slots neatly into Coxa’s range.

A wide mouth lock opening for ease of filling and cleaning, the system ensures ease of use. The bladder features measurement indicators that allow you to keep an eye on water intake over the course of an adventure.

The bite-valve features a straight leak-proof cap with locking function to ensure that your water supply doesn't leak over time. Moreover, the valve system of the cap self seals after every drink.

Set to rival the industry standard, the Hydration Bladder from Coxa Carry, is lighter, just as durable and keeps you hydrated on the go.

The Lowdown

•Capacity - 2.0 Litre (100 Ounces)

•Self sealing bite valuve

•Leak proof locking cap

•Link system - Whenever you unplug your tube, the hose clip snaps shut straight away to prevent leakages. It's universal so you can chop and change filters and tubes at your own will