Medi Gel Cold Compress Neck Sleeve

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Product Details

•Reusable Gel Neck Sleeve

•Effective Cold Compress to Reduce Inflammation & Reduce Pain

•Cooling Muscle Tissues Leading to Constricting Blood Vessels & Decreasing Nerve Conduction, Creating an Analgesic Effect

•Perfect for easing pain and treating joint and muscular aches and pains, headaches, general bruising and reducing swelling and inflammation

•Store in freezer before use. When ready to use, simply wrap around nexk to ease tension and sooth pain.

•Applying the AIRFIT GEL COLD COMPRESS NECK SLEEVE to an inflamed area will help to to reduce the inflammation and reduce the pain. The cooling of tissues leads to a decrease in local tissue metabolism, constricting blood vessels and decreases nerve conduction, producing an analgesic affect.