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LP Support

Ladies Air Compression Short Sleeve Top

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Based on human biomechanics, Target Compression System is designed to focus specific coordinating muscle groups and joints of the female body from both sides of the waist to the center of the spine, and further extends to the upper back shoulders and arms, which simultaneously stabilize the torso and waist, strengthen joint muscles and tissue for scapulothoracic and glenohumeral anchorage, and enhance muscular endurance and physical performance of the upperbody, making throwing, swinging, pressing, and other motions smoother.

The female-specific back compression designs to improve kyphosis, posture, and enhance sports confidence and sense of achievement.

Make sure 3D Weaved Channel is positioned under the chest.


This product comes in three colors: Dark Grey/Purple (Black colored), Hot Pink/Violet Red (Red colored) and Indigo Magenta (Blue colored).

This product also comes in 4 sizes: Size S, Size M, Size L and a Size XL.

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