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Updated Guidelines

We have modified our policies based on due to the recent events, in the rise of COVID19 from 8th August 2021.
The revised guidance states that individuals who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus should resume wearing masks in public spaces while in areas of substantial or high transmission as defined by the MoH.
Based on that guidance, we are strongly encouraging all customers to wear MoH approved face coverings. Our Staffs, and Trainers/Instructors are now required to wear face coverings when indoors and outdoors of their household, regardless of vaccination status.
We are asking our community to help us create a safe environment for all. Read on for details about the specific changes we've made in response to COVID-19 and the latest MoH guidelines.

Health & Safety Protocols – Social Distancing Measures

Health assessment

Customers, staffs and instructors are asked to perform a health screening prior to the event, evaluating any possible COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. On the day of the event, participants will again be asked about any symptoms or exposure and may have their temperatures checked. We also require all employees to check themselves for COVID-19 symptoms before each shift and to stay home if they feel unwell.

Face coverings

For the safety of our customers, staffs and instructors, MoH-recommended face coverings will be required at all times. Fully vaccinated customers will still need to mask up in certain situations. While being worn, all face coverings must fully cover the nose and mouth. Face coverings made of mesh or other loosely knit fabric are not permitted.

Sanitized area and equipment

In our Retail store, high-touch surfaces are sanitized frequently during the trip, and the entire Store gets disinfected between each group of customers. Everything gets cleaned and disinfected after each group/individual customer that comes into our Retail Store, or will be regularly sanitized throughout, depending on its use.


Our Staff/Retail Store will only accommodate to customers who have thoroughly follow our procedures before entering our Store. Additionally, only a certain number of customers are allowed and once, our Retail Store hits its quota of number of allowed customers, Customers are to queue up outside in orderly fashion with a social distance space of 1 meter from each other. Our maximum quota is 10 Customers.
Customers are allowed in once they have:
  • Their temperature scanned. Must be below 37.5-degree Celsius.
  • Scanned our BruHealth QR Code. (Within Green & Yellow Code, if Customers have their BruHealth App in Code RED, they are not allowed in).
  • Thoroughly sanitized their hands.
  • Wear the appropriate/designated approved face coverings.
  • Gloves are optional.

Contact tracing

If BruHealth App is notified that a member of a program tested positive for COVID-19 we will follow MoH guidelines and contact all participants & the appropriate authorities.

Our Statement

Our Company will tirelessly continue monitoring the rapidly changing situation surrounding the COVID19 virus. Our Hearts go out to everyone who has been directly or indirectly affected by the COVID19 Virus.
Our Gym, Cafe & Fitness Studio may not be open to the public at the moment and will be re-open accordance with our Government Guidelines. Our Retail Store still continues its operation but with proper procedures & steps considered as we prioritize health & safety of our Customers and our fellow Staff members.
Our Cafe & Retail Store have Delivery Service capabilities. If you would like to order foods from us (Dynamic Café), please contact the following hotline (Or WhatsApp): +673 728 5522 to order & Delivery.

Café Delivery Service:

Within 15km (Less than 15km)

Free Delivery: Spend $20 and above.

Delivery Charges: $3.00

Beyond 15km (15km or more)

Free Delivery: Spend $30 and above.

Delivery charges: $5.00

If you would like to check and purchase our selection of Sportswear, please do check our website: dynamicsports.co
Please click on this link HERE, on how to order online from our Website for our Sportswear

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